A few of my friends converse only in twitter format. I don’t mean they are typing 140 characters into the twitterverse. I’m saying that in my attempts to engage once normally loquacious individuals in face to face conversation, they jump from topic to topic, headline to headline, in short bursts, never delving into a substantial conversation. It’s twitterally tiresome.

The tendency appears most frequently in mothers of elementary school aged children. These women have possibly devolved into twitter-speak through the multi-tasking toil of parenting, and therefore deserve to be cut a certain amount of slack, but I don’t think communication using highlights and soundbites does any good for mental health (mine or theirs). I desperately want to lock the twittersome into a room with lit candles and meditation music in order to slow down their hyperactive sensibilities.

Will this abbreviated, short hand style of communication cause a complete breakdown of their philosophical abilities? Are they doomed to be twitterarians for life?