Insights on Love From my Resume


I’ve had a lot of jobs, but I’ve never been fired from one. Each time I choose to leave (and my boss tries to convince me to stay), I feel a little guilty, but I also know it is time to move on. Sounds like a guy ending a relationship, doesn’t it? I thought so too, which is how I matched up my relationship heartbreaks with reasons I’ve given for leaving behind perfectly good jobs…


Guy’s perspective on the end of the relationship: It was never meant to be a long term thing


The job I left for this reason: packing and shipping



Guy’s perspective: We’ve outgrown each other


Job I left: Retail



Guy’s perspective: My plans are in motion. We could’ve been great together, but I have to go.


Job I left: Moved back East instead of taking bank job in San Francisco



Guy’s Perspective: You demand too much of my time & put too much pressure on me.


Job I left: Accounting



Guy’s Perspective: I don’t get you. I never know what’s coming. This is too stressful.


Job I left: Juvenile Detention



Guy’s Perspective: It used to be mellow and fun, but now we fight all the time.


Job I Left: Non-Profit



Now, if I can just find the right job, then maybe there is hope that the right guy is be out there, too….


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