Give Some to Get Some

Most days I have better conversations with my 8 year old nephew than I do with other adults. Kids are pretty easy, though. Give them a little attention and you’ve secured a captive audience. The same rules don’t always apply with adults.

After a certain age, people revert to chasing flashy things. Not being an expert in attention grabbing, I always end up lumped into a category based on where I live and what I do.  If I take a stab at self promotion, I feel like an imposter, but in keeping quiet, I feel largely misunderstood.  

It is a situation many experience, but don’t know how to fix. How can you be memorable without being famous? I had been pondering this dilemma when I ran into an old childhood friend. I had not seen him much as an adult, but we stayed in touch on social media, so I knew where he lived and a little bit about how he spent his time.

As one conversation led to the next, I came to see the fun, smart, kind, and clever man he had grown into. I teased him for too being chatty, but in truth, is he is friendly. With very little effort he demonstrated the secret for how to be memorable, in a very normal-not-at-all-flashy-or-self-promoting way. He acknowledges people rather than waiting for them to notice him. He is simply interested, and that makes him interesting. 

Lesson learned. With adults, just like with kids, you have to give some to get some.

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